Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back with Good News and a New Investment Game

First of all, I would like to apologize for the delayed blog post. I was busy managing a few investments and starting a new one that I momentarily forgot to update my blog. Fret not, for here, without further ado is the second installment in my investment learning games.

Okay. I believe this game is perfect for people who are just starting in investment. As a said earlier, I was busy setting up a new business that hopefully would prove profitable sometime in the future. I can confidently say that my motivation for finally getting off my bum and start investing can be credited to the creator of this game. 

I am talking about Cashflow101 and its main man, Robert Kiyosaki.

Robert Kiyosaki wrote the hugely popular Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The bestselling book helped thousands of individuals find their passion for business. What I like about Mr. Kiyosaki is his ability to translate complex business concepts into easily digestible information. He is also able to instill in his readers the mindset of the rich that helped the rise to a financially free life.

The game takes the concepts introduced in the books and puts them into fun and practical applications. In order to win, a player must earn enough passive income to leave the Rat Race and join the FastTrack. To do this, players must make investment decisions. This can be through buying real state assets, joining a network marketing company, or buying stocks and other investment vehicles. 

The player wins when s/he is finally able to buy his dream and retire. 

Sound pretty simple right? Well yes and no.

You see, players compete to be the first one to buy their dream. There are a myriad of dreams to choose from. They range from world tours, planting your own forest, and even donating to charity. However, since it’s a race, each player must carefully make sound business decisions to develop their net worth efficiently.

This is where it gets interesting. 

While going through the game, two guides will occasionally pop out; a smart Rat and a pragmatic Turtle. They both give advices that they think are the best way to invest. It is the player’s decision which advice to take that would eventually get him or her out of the rat race.

The advices are very educational. They make players realize that many investment beliefs are counterintuitive in reality and serves to slow the players from gaining financial freedom. As the player masters the game, he or she eventually learns  

What’s great about this game is its user friendliness. It can be picked up master by people who have no business background in just one run through of the tutorial. Of course, I recommend playing it more than once as it is both educational and fun.

Cashflow was initially sold as a board game. However, for those who can’t be troubled to manually move the game pieces, Cashflow also has a PC version. Being a fairly simple game it can be played on most PC and Mac computers.          

Cashflow 101 is the predecessor to the monopoly games we all recognize and eventually grow frustrated with after 1 player runs away with everything while we spend our time in the jail square again. Its sequel, Cashflow 202 is a more advanced version that focuses on technical investing. It introduces more intricacies such as stock commands and real estate volatility.

So go find a Cashflow group near you. It is better to learn with a few people as you can better exchange ideas and maybe become inspired to start a little start up of your own.

That’s it for now.

N.B. I decided to spruce this site a bit by intermittently posting interesting stuff I found on this web. Watch out for them as I’m sure they’ll be quite amusing.

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