Thursday, April 28, 2011

Playing to Win

     A good way of mastering investment is by thinking of it as a game. I find that playing games makes grasping the concepts easier because investment games immerse the player in a practical setting. As a business student, I understand how bland and dry some management and business theories are. Too often, the time spent memorizing names and concepts can be better spent gaining practical knowledge by applying them in real world scenarios. By playing games, new investors learn in a fun and risk less way because these games show how investment concepts function and relate to each other in real life. After all, experience really is the best teacher, especially when it comes to games where you don't have to spend real money to learn real world skills.

     It is for these reasons why I will present – in 3 installments – 3 games that helped me learn the ropes of different investment strategies. Each game simulates a different type of investment vehicle that at first would seem complicated to the uninitiated. In time though, the player will come to realize that these investment vehicles are, in fact, child's play when fully understood.

    Of course, playing games alone aren't going to make you master of the investment game. You need to complement it with study and research. Regularly brush up on your reading. Keep in touch with the current market trend, read informative websites (or blogs such as this one), and try to actually invest in real world money even if it is still a few dollars stocks here and there.
     The first installment is going to be about stocks. More specifically, stock exchange. In about one or two days, I will tell you guys about the best stock market simulators that would help you navigate the labyrinth that is Wall Street. One that will help you profit whether you’re in bearish or bullish markets.  

     So stay in tune guys. And happy investing!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Step 1:

Hi Guys,

I decided to create this blog as a way of chronicling my journey in smart and profitable investing. Hopefully, this blog can also inspire my soon to be readers (or followers) to start their own adventure and invest smartly.  I know that there are people like myself who want to start investing but doesn't know where to begin. Like the philosopher Lao-Tzu once said "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." So this is it. The first entry in my adventure to become a successful investor.

This blog is mainly on centered investing the stock market and Forex. Occassionally, I will also post my thoughts on small businesses, real estate or even marketable skills.

I would give tips and tricks on how to profit in stock market. A caveat: I am not a stock savant like George Soros or Warren Buffett. However, I do believe that since I'll be showing new investors the thought process involved when choosing which stocks to pick, they will be able to make informed decisions of their own instead of joining the herd and just buying or selling depending on the current trend.This, I think, is more useful in the long run because the new investor continues to build up the knowledge and skill set that would help him or her gain confidence in their stock market strategy.

So thanks for reading. Follow me and good luck!